Trouble with firebase auth

Hi, I’m trying to integrate capacitor into a working Vue PWA with vuetify. THe app connects to a firebase backend. I’m aware that the regular firebase auth library will not work in native mode, so I’m trying to use this plugin:

I’ve followed all of the set up steps, create an android app for my firebase project, etc… the plugin works on PWA/Web, but when I compile to android and run on emulator, I get the redirect popup, and select my account, but the auth neve returns, and I just get left with a blank screen.
I also followed a tutorial here:
How to add Capacitor Google Sign In to your Ionic App | Devdactic - Ionic Tutorials which uses a different plugin, but got the same results.

any ideas? or possibly tutorials on how to use the baumblatt plugin properly?

Also, any thoughts on bypassing the Ionic UI framework in this way? especially in regards to Apple store submission? This is for an internal company app, but eventually needs to be published to google an apple stores. I’m a little more comfortable with using Vue/ Vuetify for my layouts, but don’t want to run into any future approval issues from the apple store.

thanks in advance for any help.

I have integrated in Ionic 5 /Angular / Firebase Auth and lots of other services without using any Capacitor plugin or any other external libraries.

Not very much familiar with vue…but I think it should work also seamless…

Did you actually manage to build and use your app on an iOS device using only Ionic 5 / Angular / Firebase Auth without any third party plugin?
My authentication process works flowlessly on browser using AngularFireAuth but it gets stuck as soon as I try on my iPhone…
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

On iOS you need to capture redirectresult, not sigininwithpopup

Bot sure if that helps, but is a big difference between desktop browser and ios browser

At least, if u go for facebook and/or google login

I’m actually using the sign in with email and password method.
I’m not sure what you by redirectresult/signinwithpopup but I guess those are specific to the Facebook/Google auth right?

Correct - forgot to ask details before answering

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