Transparent StatusBar

Hello everyone! I have a doubt. I am creating an app and I would like the statusbar to have transparent color. I can not make the status bar transparent on both android and ios.

Anyone know how I can do transparent statusbar?

Thank you very much to all

just try this.

set transparent in primary in variables.scss in themes folder.

then apply this in your header.

ion-navbar color="primary"
ion-title class="title"
title here

Thanks! but statusbar is the bar which is in the top where you can see the batery!

oh.i dont have idea for that. i thought you are asking about the header part. :slight_smile:

Dont worry i did not find the solutions for the statusbar translutens!

I have a idea!

If you are confused.and If you want a Translucent statusBar for android and another platfrom.Look at the following demo.Here Mixed with statusBar and toolbar.


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