How to make status bar to be transparent in android


Please I have a questions.

  1. Please is there anyway to make the status bar transparent in android
  2. Please is there anyway to hide the status bar on app startup not on device ready in android.

On Ionic 1 you need to:

Install Plugin:

`ionic plugin add`

Go to file and paste:

import android.os.Build; import android.util.Log; import android.view.Window; import; import android.view.View;

In the same file BETWEEN “super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);” AND “loadUrl(launchUrl);”, paste this:

//Status bar color, set to whatever opacity/color you want

getWindow().setStatusBarColor(Color.TRANSPARENT); }

and finally, on App.js after first “if”, remove the following:


and paste:

if (window.statusbarTransparent) { statusbarTransparent.enable(); }

that’s it ˆ-ˆ


ok i will try that now… thanks


Thank you so much, it worked perfectly…You just saved a life…:grinning:

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Full details on how it can be implemented with ion-header is on this link: