Translate (Storage) Problem

Here is my code in app.component.ts. When i start app, initTranslate() works but code in‘lang’).then(val => section does not work. So culture, htmlLanguage etc. does not change. Do you see any wrong that i can’t see?

Ps: It does not work in device (iPhone 5) or simulator. No problem in browser.

How do you check if they have changed or not?

Language switch is in settings page. onLangChange does not seem necessary here i guess. But my main problem is, storage.get does not work at startup. :confused:

XCode generates this error: Storage Error : Error: No available storage method found.

But i have storage in app.module:

      name: '_m7',
      driverOrder: ['indexeddb', 'sqlite']

When i added localstorage to drivers, it worked:

driverOrder: ['localstorage', 'indexeddb', 'sqlite']

IOS does not support indexedDb? :confused:

Well, I have never worked with indexedDB and with iOS devices. Best I can help you with

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