Indexeddb Problem with some device

im using indexeddb with ionic 2 but i have a problem with some devices, the app works very well in most of the phone but in 2 phone the indexeddb seen to have an issue and doesnt insert or show something but the callback from the storage is onsuccess function so idk what the problem it is im using ionic 3.0.1 angular 4.0.0 and native indexeddb device problem huawei android 5.1 and huawei android 5.0 but in another huawei 5.1 it works, so im lost please help me

Why aren’t you using ionic-storage?

because i think that native indexeddb its better and easier that ionic-storage

I can’t possibly see how you would think that, but OK.

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i already solved, the problem was the compatibility with es5 and es6 methods for native indexeddb, i learn about dexie js i think is a really good database js library with alot of documentation and it fix all the problem with the compatibility