Too many changes

Hi All,

Last I used Ionic in 2014 , it used to be node and create project and attach sdks in mac / windows to build ios / android projects. Now when I login, I see that project is created in cloud and what not … I am confused. why so ?

What happened to good old system ? Can I please get a link to a description what change it underwent and how should i approach now ?

Also what is free and what is paid ? If I have rest webservices provided to me (Not ionic, ASP WebAPIs hosted in public server, can I still build ionic app consuming them for free ?


How about just checking the Getting Started guide and look at how things work now, rather than how they have changed:

Because it is now 3 years later.[quote=“jagatnibas, post:1, topic:96830”]
Also what is free and what is paid ?
Everything is free, unless you want to use more than the free version of the (100% optional) Cloud Services.