"There is a problem parsing the package"

Hi there, i’ve got some problem with this guide: Chapter 6: Publishing your app.
I follow every step, and change the line of code with the information of my application.
Finally i’ve build the apk with my custom name.

I try to move the apk on my device and i launch it.
The installation doesn’t start and immediatly get the error:
“Parse Error : There is a problem parsing the package"

So i’ve try to move the appname-debug.apk to my device and if i install it, doesn’t create any kind of problems.

Could the bug is in a wrong creation of the .keystore? I really don’t know how to fix it! Any help would be appreciated! :smile:

i try the tutorial in this tutorial made by @sjerd but nothing change. When i try to install the release version of my apk the device say “Parse error: there was a problem parsing the package”

Can you go through how you changed the apps name? The app name is tied into a few different places in java-land, so changing one place can cause some errors.

If you need to change the apps need, do so in the root config.xml, this will update the name all of over.

Thanks @mhartington for reply, i change the name of application only in config.xml, betweeen tag. The debug build doesn’t create any kind of problem. But the release failed…

I change the name of file *.apk like the command say:

$ zipalign -v 4 HelloWorld-release-unsigned.apk HelloWorld.apk

i think that “HelloWorld.apk” is an alias of “HelloWorld-release-unsigned.apk”… or not?

So in that case, you really don’t need to use the zipalign step.

Check out this post

Or even look into using android studio to handle signing and releasing an app, much more intuitive IMO

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Finally i solved my problem. I don’t know why, but the main guide cause me problem. Probably because i try to create a *.keystore at the end of my project. Maybe i modified some file and the creation of keystore doesn’t work.
I use a guide of cordova to solve my problem. This guide is, in part, already quoted in another tutorial of ionic. (I hope that link are not spam D: )

Sorry i’ve not seen that you reply @mhartington, thanks really for help! The link is the same :smile:

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