Parse error : There was a problem parsing the package

Im trying to build a release and install it in the mobile.
I run: ionic build --release android
This generates a CordovaApp-release-unsigned.apk; but I got the parse error when i try to install it.


If I do only a ionic build android then it creates the debug version and I can install it ok.

SOLVED: It was because it wasn’t signed.

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Please what do you mean by “it wasn’t signed”. I’m new to android so I don’t really understand.

Code signing is the process of using a purchased code signing certificate to associate the app with the creator of the app using a digital signature. This isn’t specific to Android. This process is common for all desktop and mobile platforms.

I ran into this “parse error” issue also. I haven’t researched it further, but it looks like release builds, created with ionic build --release android, must be signed in order to be sideloaded onto Android devices. Debug builds, created with ionic build android, can be sideloaded without being signed.

If I’m wrong, please correct me, but creating a debug build got me past this error.


Thanks @donsmith. Just building the debug apk without releasing and signing it worked for me.