The splashscreen image named LaunchImage-667h was not found


when I run my app, in the console appears a message saying that does not found the LaunchImage-667h if the device is an iPhone6 and LaunchImage-736h if is an iPhone 6 Plus but I have all the splashscreen images in its respective sizes properly configured in the Image Asset catalog.

I tried this solution with no luck.

Any help? Anyone has experienced same issue?


What version of cordova-ios are you using?

ionic platform ls should give you the version number.
I’ve tested this using cordova-cli v5.0 and the latest ionic cli.
The cordova-ios version should be 3.8.0

I’m using cordova-ios version 3.8.0.
My version of cordova is 4.3.0.

Thanks in advance

Hmm, you’re using asset catalog, that could be the issue. Could you try to create a new app and adding the default resources and see if the same error appears?

It could be an issue where the image size is off causing the problems.

Yes that is the problem!
ionic resources won’t work with cordova-plugin-splashcreen if the developer uses asset catalog.

I suggest to mention this pitfall in the docs!