Ionic Resources - no splash screen. What I am I doing wrong?

Everything is ready.

I’ve generated a test .ipa that works great (thanks!) on my test iphone 5S and 6.

The plugins all work.

I’ve used Ionic Resources to build the icon and splash screens. The icon has been generated.

But there is no splash screen.

My splash image is 2208x2208 pixels, a .png file. The art is in the central 1200x1200 pixels.

The splash screens are generated but the landscape screens are ionic screens. And on my iPhone 5S and 6 I’m just getting the cordova splash screen.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you checked the generated paths to your splash screens in config.xml?

Yes I have. They are fine.

Even if they weren’t - it wouldn’t explain why the landscape images are wrong.

I think Ionic Resources is broken at the moment.

I’ve got my orientation set to portrait - that’s why there are no landscape screens. Duh!

But I’ve uncovered a new issue - the splash screen warps in the middle for a moment on starting up. Very odd. Doesn’t affect the iPhone 5S but it does the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 emulator.

Oh, and I only got the splashscreens working by using the cordova plugin, which isn’t mentioned in the Ionic Resources docs (and was unnecessary in the past and on Phonegap Build).

Hi @SubEffect,

There’s a spinner that appears in the middle of the loading screen. Depending on what your background image is it might look like it is ‘warping’ rather than being a spinner!

I think adding <preference name="ShowSplashScreenSpinner" value="false"/> to your config.xml file disables it if you want to test if that’s the cause.

I put that in and I don’t know that it made any difference, but it’s sort of working now, thanks.