The Push Notifications Guide for Capacitor

You want to add push notifications to your Capacitor app with support for Android, iOS and Web?

I created a (very) detailed guide to help you integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Check out the new blog post :arrow_down:


thanks for sharing the push notif. guide. Looks awesome
i have two questions about this

authDomain: "YOUR_AUTH_DOMAIN",
storageBucket: "YOUR_STORAGE_BUCKET",

where i can found documentation about it? i can’t understand whats its meaning.
my domain is “” i must use, by example:

authDomain: "",
storageBucket: "",

can you help me please?
thanks in advance

These values are generated by the Firebase Console (see the image above in the guide: Just copy/paste it.

it’s great !!!
I received a service worker message.

do you have some template for displaying a message like this?

thanks in advance

i modified the app in web version to display each movement.
I uploaded it to my https site and display the result of the actions

like this.

i send a message from FCM and works great ( points 4,5,6 )

later, I installed the web-app into my iphone ( add to init page… )
it’s loaded, but the actions stop at point 1… i press “request permissions” and nothing happens
did you now for some bug or something similar into FCM or IPHONE or Ionic 6
It has been quite a challenge but it is nice to be getting positive results
thanks in advance

Yes, i just added it to the blog post: The Push Notifications Guide for Capacitor - Capawesome

If the app is installed as a native app, it should work fine. If you use the web version, then note that web push notifications are only supported from iOS 16.4.

i use iphone verson16.4.1 … and it’s not working
by the way, thanks a lot for your help