The Ionic Serve build is not working according to my changes

The Ionic Serve build is not working according to my changes.

I make the changes to an HTML or TS file, when I save the file with Ionic Serve running, seeing the page did not change.

  • I need to save the files multiple times until the change is displayed in the Ionic Lab Browser.

  • I need to stop the Ionic Serve and run it again, then the changes are displayed in the Browser.

yeah i have the same issue, sometimes when i save multiple html pages they wont load new code properly

This is very frustrating as it slows development.

Make sure you don’t have any service workers enabled in Application > Service Workers. You can tick the ‘Bypass for network’ checkbox to disable service workers during development.

I do not understand what you said, there are no other people developing, only I’m developing.

Open the debugger (Inspect Element) and check the Application > Service Workers tab to see if any service workers are registered on localhost. Having old code served is typical behaviour if a service worker is running (which caches the app in the browser).

In service workes it was showing up http: // localhost // 8100.

I removed it and then went on to Clear Storage> Clear site data.

Now it’s working normal, no complications.

Thank you!

i have tried but not working