No Restart after file change. (ionic serve)



i got a strange error with Ionic2 and Ionic serve.

I start "ionic serve -cs"
Then I am working on my files and save them (Webstorm) and usually “ionic serve” automaticly detects as soon as a file has changed and restarts the “lite server”

but now it does not work :frowning:

Info: I have 3 projects and it is only happening in one project.

Maybe someone could help me?

Thank you.


Check the terminal with the server running. Chances are you have a typescript error that is preventing it from building.


Sometimes ionic serve not syncing files that created after the ionic serve command so you just need to re-run this command and it will sync and refresh after every file change


I too am facing the same problem. Ionic serve is not refreshing the changes. The npm terminal shows watch ready and then template update started …
But nothing happens after that. I have to stop the command and retype “ionic serve” to see my changes.