The best plugin for firebase push notifications?

Hey guys, currently i tried :

Local Notificatios but with this plugin i’m able to get only notifications with on local device. Don’t really like it.
Firebase from ionic-native - well i was not able to make it thru. There is some serious issues with this plugin for ios and android.
Firebase messaging plugin - it keeps adding same libraries which i need to exclude from my bundle

With both Firebase plugins on iOS emulator the app is not working. No errors, just when the app start it closes automatically.

I’m going to try FCM at the moment.

So, what’s the best plugin for push notifications with Firebase Cloud. I don’t think there is a topic like this one here so, don’t just say the name of the plugin, say why.


No one ever used one of the plugins above ? Please provide me more information about them. Thanks.

I use cordova-plugin-firebase works fine (

Notabene: you can’t test push notifications in the iOS simulator, you need a real iOS device in order to be able to receive push notifications

Check “Important Notes” section here

I am not recommending anything as I just started implementing Push notifications to my app and after some research decided to use firebase plug-in mentioned by ReedRichards.

Can you help install firebase into a brand new ionic project?
ionic start myApp tabs
cd myApp
ionic cordova platform add android@latest
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase --save
ionic cordova build android
//FAIL. The library is being requested by various other libraries at [[16.5.0,16.5.0], [16.4.0,16.4.0]], but resolves to 16.5.0.

Its the same here for me. i just cannot get it to work.
found this here with tens of possible solutions but nothing worked for me.

I figured it out finally.

remove those directories (after a fresh install not necessary)

  • platforms
  • node-modules
  • plugins

then the following steps

  1. ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase --save
  2. open your plugins folder and find the plugins.xml within the firebase directory and open it
  3. replace the framework tags with the following
<framework src="" />
<framework src="" />
<framework src="" />
<framework src="" />
<framework src="" />
  1. ionic cordova platform add android
  2. ionic cordova build android

Since you cannot use @ionic-native/firebase with ionic v3 now. You may try a plugin like ionic-native-fcm.

npm i ionic-native-fcm