Firebase push notifications

I’m developing an Ionic2 hybrid app for IOS and Android. Right now I’m working on push notifications, decided to use cordova-plugin-firebase but it doesn’t seem like a very stable plugin. While developing everything was fine on Android, but not on IOS. And then when I made it working for IOS the Android got broken. The app just cannot resolve the firebase token. I was using 0.1.19 version of that plugin. Later I read some information on their Github page, that it’s better to stick to the 0.1.18 version, so I’ve tried it also. Now the app resolves the token but doesn’t run the callback in onNotificationOpen. On IOS everything’s fine.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I couldn’t find any clues in the documentation how to make everything working. So maybe you could suggest me other options on providing push notifications? Or give me some hints on this problem.
Thanks a lot!

Currently, I’m using the latest Ionic 2.0.0, latest Cordova CLI 6.5.0 and latest Android 6.1.2 platform, but also experienced the same problem on Ionic RC4 and Android 6.1.0 platform.