The best client - server in 2020

Hi, what should I use to communicate mobile devices with a web server in Angular? I tried Apollo but it does not work for me and there is no support… What is the best approach if this is my first ionic project?

Firebase is a great start,

These words make some sense individually to me, but not put together in this way. Can you try to rephrase, or give a concrete example of the exact sort of “communication” you are talking about and what the “web server” is and does?

Hi, I am building a usual sports tracking app. The idea is the user can run background geolocation to record the track, then add some details to it and upload it to server for community sharing.
Currently I am facing 2 issues.

  1. Apollo works in browser but not on device.
  2. Cannot find the right approach to make background geolocation work.
    I would appreciate any help very much .

I don’t see anything geolocation related in your github but just in case the web geolocation doesn’t work the same as the native implementation on any device. Use a native approach like one of the plugins the ionic docs recommend like

If you are using Capacitor don’t try to use it on the web, use the one that is Native to the web ( because even though Cordova plugins works in Capacitor the web version of the plugins doesn’t work in Capacitor, only Android and iOS (if I am not mistaken, I don’t know if an update to Capacitor fixed that)

Hi that repo is about the first issue. As for geolocation it works fine for me I only have a problem with the background running. I tried the Geolocation plugin with Background Mode as described here

this only works for me when the phone is active
And I also tried background geolocation

but it does not emit the locations for me. I am using Huawei P-smart.
I just cannot find a simple example that would work on a mobile device. If you can recommend any you would save me :slight_smile: .

I need an SQL DB for this project, it is quite complex and I would be soon paying too much for storage.