Geolocation in ionic

I’m very new to ionic and not a lot familiar with angular as well. I’ve made a ionic app which you can log in to, and now I want to give it a purpose. I’ve decided to make a social app where you can send out a notification where you are to other users who’ve installed it too. This way people can interact which each other(kinda tinder without the dating part mixed with Uber, I guess).

My question was before I get into it, is it do-able? I know there’s a geolocation plugin but where is it stored? How are the locations compared? How should this be approached?

What exactly do you want to do ?
The geolocation plugin from ionic-native works well.

After you can look into geohashes for your api and requests if you want to lower complexity.
You can also look into geofire if you already use firebase.

This concept make me think of zenly if you want to look for ideas.

Just simply send out a notification to anyone around you in a medium radius that also has the app installed. The notification can containa anything. I could look into the geofire thing. My question is would I require a database where I need to store the location to compare it to other users?

You don’t have to compare all locations on database directly, but you have to use a database to let user connects between them.

For example, all your data could be on the server. And the same server will be able to send notifications to user in your radius notifying them you are at a certain location (see Push notifications).
Not using server will be hard to perform. Or try to make a wifi/bluetooth hotspot and every conected user send every other user notifications, and you don’t need to geolocate users :slight_smile:

No I don’t mind using a server I was just wondering if it was necessary as my app is purely javascript atm and I have no idea how to use servers in apps.

EDIT: Also won’t the fact that I use Ionic cloud for authentication cause problems?