The Apple reviewers are getting a white screen but I can't replicate in TestFlight or Simulator

I have an app running in Ionic with Capacitor. It’s a pretty basic app with just a simple landing screen with a graphic and then a button that just loads a web-view. It runs perfectly in the iOS simulator and in TestFlight on real devices right now. But the Apple reviewers continue to just get white screens when they load the app on their end. I cannot replicate this issue on my end so I don’t know how to troubleshoot.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I do believe this just started with iOS version 15.5 as I didn’t have this issue with Apple reviewers a month ago when we were still using iOS 15.4 and the previous version of Xcode at the time (13.3.1 I believe).

I believe you can contact them and ask them what device they used and see if you can replicate. if not then best bet is to test on several ios devices. there has to be an error somewhere if the reviewers see it.

Thank you for the response!

They say they are just using an iPhone and iPad with iOS 15.5. They don’t specify the specific device.

Is there any reason that their testing environment would be any different than the TestFlight environment?

I’ve asked them before for any kind of errors or logs and they weren’t able to provide anything. I do have another build in review right now and I can follow up with them again if it comes back as the same issue again.

Thanks again!

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If you use Capacitor with LiveReload, the CLI puts an entry into /ios/App/App/capacitor.config.json (iOS) /android/app/src/main/assets/capacitor.config.json (Android) which looks like this:

"server": {
    "url": "http://192.168.0.XX:8100“

If you don’t end LiveReload correctly or accidentally push the file to git, the entry stays in the file and causes a white screen on your app. Make sure, there’s no “server” entry in the file.


thank you so much for this! i do see that line there. i’m removing it now and hopefully this does the track. i really appreciate the help!

@mariusbolik just wanting to reply to let you know that this did indeed solve my issue, thank you!

Great! I am glad to hear that! :smiley:

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