Textarea: Paste clipboard content on long press


In my ionic 2 app I have a textarea into which the user should be able to paste content using the native android “paste” menu that appears after long pressing a text field.
However, on android after long pressing a textarea, the Keyboard vanishes for a short time and reappears afterwards, but the native “paste” menu does not show up. I tried to prevent the hiding/showing of the keyboard by calling Keyboard.show() after (press) and (blur) events, but this does not work. Do you know how to change this behaviour?

Thank you in advance!

Is there really no possibility to enable pasting content into an input field? :frowning:

Maybe it is a problem with the user-select style property.

If i am recognizing it correctly, Ionic set this property to none per default.
Maybe you can set it to auto or all for your textarea


thank you for your answer, but this didn’t solve the issue, therefore I suppose it is a bug and filed a report:

There is a workaround though:

        ion-textarea .input-cover {
          display: none;

but this probably breaks something else