Text typing not showing in text input

I am facing a strange issue in iPad in landscape. There is a text input in the middle of the screen. When I clicked the textbox cursor appears, keyboard shows up and then view is readjusted. Issue occurs in the last step. Cursor disappears after view is adjusted and still I can type but the text I am typing is not appearing in the textbox. If I clicked the textbox again all the text I typed appears suddenly.

I have to click the textbox three times to type normally. First time keyboard appears and textbox losts focus. In the second click keyboard disappears (and again a weird thing happens. Although the key board disappears view does not readjust. The area where the keyboard was shown is white now). In the third click keyboard appears again and I can see what I am typing.

< label class=“item item-input item-login”>
< input type=“password” placeholder="{{ ‘passcode_pht’ | translate }}" ng-model=“data.passcode”>
< /label>

Please help me to solve this issue.

I managed to fix it. Changed the position of the textbox a little. Weird.