Text Blast - Ionic vs React Native Clients

As a case study, I took a real-world app called Text Blast and implemented it side-by-side in both Ionic v1 (source) and React Native (source).

Text Blast allows you to bombard your friends with packs of themed GIF text messages. It strikes a nice functional balance between being simple enough to understand while still being a full-fledged app deployed in production (e.g., not another TODO list demo). And as an added bonus, you get to annoy your friends while testing it out… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My hope with this side-by-side comparison is that it will help Ionic developers evaluate React Native and vice-versa, since to my knowledge there are no examples of non-trivial open source apps available in both technologies.

I’m a HUGE fan of both Ionic and React Native, and I’ll be posting an article shortly delving deeper into the results of my comparison, but I wanted to post here first to give Ionic devs a preview of the apps and solicit feedback.

– Travis

Check out my follow-up article on Medium: Ionic vs React Native — Text Blast Case Study