Header height increase on ios6

I tested my app on IPhone 4s real device. I found the header height increase. But the same code works well on android devices. I am in China. There are lots of people still using iPhone 4s. So probably I have to fix this problem.

Here is the screenshot of latest seed project run on iPhone 4s

Can you provide your code?

Just the latest seed project.

ionic start myApp sidemenu

Maybe this couldn’t be helpful for you, but i’m using the same seed app on iPhone 4s with iOS 7 installed and the header works fine.

I have installed Xcode 6.1 and i can’t reproduce your problem not even in the emulator.

Thanks @bellu, It works well in emulator, but not on real device. I believe this issue is related with IOS6. So I can understand why it works on your iPhone 4s with IOS7.