Testflight alternative


I found installing an app on a remote iPhone is quite complex - so I did not go there.

( I read about testflight but even that turned out to be complex for my testers )

In android, this is as simple as attach the apk file ( the android-debug.apk ) as an email and then open the attachement with the proper install settings!

What’s the closest to that process so that my iphone testers can also do something similar? Can I send an ipk file to a friend thru email? If so, where is that file in the ionic app structure? ( I know where android-debug.apk is but no idea as to where xxxx.ipk fie .

Is the ionic viewer app an option for you?

Check out https://www.hockeyapp.net/ - helps with beta distribution, crash reporting, user metrics, feedback, and powerful workflow integrations.

Did you try with Testfairy ?

I’m using https://www.fabric.io with ionic.