Test app on Windows Tablet

I made a small application using ionic. it runs great on Android, now I am looking how to test it on a windows tablet without going through store windows. I use windows 7 and visual studio 2015 community thank you in advance


First, you must have all the Windows Phone SDK dependencies installed to get it working.

Then you need to build the Windows Phone version, have you already added the wp8 platform?

ionic platform add wp8

After that, you need build it:

ionic build wp8

Open the generated solution in VS, plug your device and choose run. Maybe windows asks you to register the device as a developer device.

Hi juliosampaio,

thank you for your answer. when I should add sdk windows to ionic project or to visual studio

You need to install it in your system (then ionic can use it), you can get more information about the Windows Phone SDK installation here: https://dev.windows.com/en-us/develop/download-phone-sdk

I have Windows 7 on my computer and on my tablet also, so I tried to install the sdk7.1. But I want to know is what it is possible to test applications on tablet windows7. Thank you

Hi @abdel,

Humm, in this case, I think that is not possible to run an ionic app over this version, have a look at http://ionicframework.com/docs/overview/#browser-support . The windows phone support was improved in version 1.0, but still in development.