Telerik native transitions plugin problem at startup


I am using Telerik native transition plugin and everithing is working very well. The only problem is that sometimes I experience two transitions, first one with current page itself and second one which is correct. How to fix this?

Here is a short video demonstrating the problem

I tried to play with settings like android delay time but no luck. Also this was tested on Nexus 5. On iPhone 6 it’s working much better, I don’t experience any problems.

Using this plugin becomes a little tricky in situations like yours because you need to know the exact time when to transition to the new page, and adjusting androiddelay/iosdelay for the pages that fetches data is almost impossible because of the varied response times. Following plugin uses state events to determine when to transition and transitions to new page using Telerik native transition plugin. I recommend using it.

I understand, thank you for reply. Will check it out.

All best.

Working as it should work. Tnx for help.