Take photos and videos from the device's camera

I’m trying to record a video and get the URI to then send it to a server without having to pick the video from the gallery. I’ve tried various plugins, both Cordova and Capacitor community, without success.

I’m using:
Capacitor 5.0.3,
Ionic/Angular 7.1.1.

With the Capacitor camera plugin, I can take photos from the device, but since I need to use it on the web as well, it doesn’t allow me to do so and doesn’t handle videos.

I’m having trouble importing the Capacitor Video Recorder plugin because in the example, this declaration:

const { VideoRecorder } = Plugins;

is deprecated.

Is there a way to achieve this goal?

Thank you.

Hi @simogiova!

If you would like your users to be able to access their camera on your progressive web app (PWA) you need to use the Capacitor PWA Elements too.

You should use this in combination with the Camera Plugin.

If you would like, you can describe more about what you would like to do with the video?

All the best!