Tabs with modal fail

When I open a modal on the tabs. The app fails. the tabs disappear and navbar hidden :frowning:

This only happens on android device. When I try with ionic serve everything works well.

I created a git project where graphically explains the bug:

The link project: project bug

or directly git:

git clone

I hope you can help.


I still do not find a solution

the tabs run perfectly on browser, but on a android device the tabs fail later the modal close.

I have created an codepen, but I repeat, the tabs run perfectly on browser, but on android device fail.

Codepen example

Looking at the project, there seems to be a few things going on that shouldn’t be there.

For instance, in tab-dash, you have an ion-nav-view inside of an ion-view?
Then inside of viewBug.html, you have another nav-bar in there with it’s own back button.

None of that should be there, and that could be causing some of the issue in your project

I’ve forked your repo and cleaned it up a bit. I haven not been able to see the issue

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Thanks a lot! you are totally right, none of that should be there, everything works fine now.

Sorry, but I am newbie.


No worries :grin: We’ve all been there!