Tabs on Android Colour

When I run my app on Android my tabs change colour to white instead of the blue colour from the ‘tabs-positive’.

I can see it is adding ‘tabs-striped’ which is removing the colour, is there any way to have the tab ‘tabs-striped’ css use the colour and not set to white?

Please see this post.

For the app I’m working on, I don’t want to use the Android platform default behavior to add “tabs-striped” to all tabs. This worked for me to override this behavior:

angular.module( ... )

.config(['$ionicTabsConfig', function($ionicTabsConfig) {
  // Override the Android platform default to add "tabs-striped" class to "ion-tabs" elements.
  $ionicTabsConfig.type = '';

Just had this issue and this was the fix. I didn’t see anything about this on the official docs though, and at first I even thought it was a bug.

Maybe the platform specific tabs should still have theme colours?

Changed to $ionicTabsConfig. See Using beta 14 Unknown provider: $ionicTabsConfig for details.