How to change color of tabs?

I wish to change the active colour of my tabs to a custom one.
I also would like to change the colour of the icons if possible.

Currently the tab I am on is the color positive and the rest of the tabs are grey.

Here is what I have so far:


<ion-tabs class="tabs-icon-top tabs-color-active-positive">    
 <!-- Home Tab -->    
 <ion-tab title="Home" icon-off="ion-home" icon-on="ion-android-home" href="#/app/home">
    <ion-nav-view name="app-home"></ion-nav-view> 


 .tabs-color-active-positive, .tabs {
color: #c49137 !important;


I have tried to mess around with the css, but nothing I seem to do works…

Go it fixed. It was actually only a matter of changing around the css and putting a specific class.

Please you learn Docs carefully, I think you want custom color of app , ionic have by default Platform Specific Styles. you have to change like.

Platform Specific Styles

Hi there, can you please share your final code for this (only if it works in Ionic 2/3) :slight_smile:

It probably won’t as this topic was about Ionic v1.