Tabs ion-item type link to sub-tab but in a DIV

ionic tabs, i have a div in an <ion-item>, how can I add a link that will go to the sub-tab (ie: href="#/tab/houses/{{house.houseID}}" ). Normally you put that href in the <ion-item> tag, but I need the link to be active within a <div> that is doing a condtional ng-if based on the value of an object key within ‘house’.

as in: <div ng-if="house.type=='rental'" href="#/tab/houses/{{house.houseID}}"> - obviously, not working, but I put the link in a normal <a href...>click</a>, i put in a button…but thus far nothing has worked, the “link”/click/press does nothing.

its not logging anything to console.log either, like the link is not even active.

I figured it out:

<a class="item-content" ng-href="#tab/houses/{{house.houseID}}">
<div> ... </div>