Ion-item-divider href

Anyone knows how to add a router href on ion-item-divider?

I use ion-item-divider in my ion-menu to group my ion-item, which have href, and I would like to add an action/navigation to these dividers too, but don’t know how as there isn’t such an attribute according the doc

P.S.: I’m using Ionic core not angular

Could you wrap it in a div then apply the router href to it? Curious on the solution.

thx for the feedback, actually I’m not sure to understand what you mean…if you’ve got 2min could you just display a dummy html code mockup of that?

Maybe something like this?

<div href="/details/A">
      Section A

Oh thx, then I understood correctly :wink:

That isn’t accepted by the compilator (Stencil) as href isn’t a known property of div

[ ERROR ]  TypeScript: src/app/app-root.tsx:92:21
           Type '{ href: string; }' is not assignable to type 'HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement>'. Property 'href' does
           not exist on type 'HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement>'.