Tabs bar hiding content

So I understood well, beta 14 will automatically place the tabs bar on top for Android, bottom for iOS, unless I specifically configure otherwise.
Problem is, the tabs bar will overlap content from the top on Android and from the bottom on iOS.
I can define paddings or margins, but say I add a margin to the top, it will look nice on Android but odd on iOS since the tabs bar is a the bottom…
Is it possible to add automatic margins depending on which side the tabs bar will be ?

Could you write your markup or reproduce it in a codepen? There are classes automatically added to the content to do this.

For example taken from Ionic.css:

.has-tabs-top {
  top: 93px; }

.has-header.has-subheader.has-tabs-top {
  top: 137px; }

See this codepen (I forked Ionic’s tab codepen to point to beta 14):

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