Hide the tab bar?

This one’s been asked a few times, but I’m hitting a weird problem. The obvious way to hide the tab bar is just to hide div.tabs, but I’m finding this only hides the tab itself. An empty tab bar remains on the bottom of the window. I have a user interaction that will slide up a window from the bottom and I want it from the very bottom, covering the tab bar. I’m having trouble getting this window on top. z-index hasn’t done the trick due to different layer stacks so I thought I’d just hide the tab bar.

Either solution would work - either a way to hide the tab bar, or a way to get my window to appear on top of the tab bar.


Found the other part - has-tabs is added to .ion-content which adds bottom: 49px; so hiding the tab bar requires hiding .tabs and setting bottom:0 on .ion-content.

can you show your code on codepen ? how u did it ?