Tabs at top and tabs at bottom at the root page

Hi i need help to setup both tabs at top and bottom and navigate with them … can anybody help?

I don’t think that is directly possible to have two tab sets at the same time. I also wonder if the user experience would be understood.

You might want to look at combining tabs and the segment control if you must do it.

hi. thanks for answering back. i am currently using segments.

<ion-toolbar color="secondary">
  <ion-segment [(ngModel)]="viewMode" >
    <ion-segment-button value="first" >
      <h2> PHOTOS </h2>
    <ion-segment-button value="second">
       <h2> FACEBOOK </h2>
    <ion-segment-button value="third">
        <h2> YOUTUBE </h2>

<ion-content padding>

   <ng-template [ngIf]="viewMode === 'first'">
      <ng-template [ngIf]="viewMode === 'second'">
      <ng-template [ngIf]="viewMode === 'third'">