Tabs and clicks not working in ionic template

Hey guys,

I’m brand new to Ionic and Angular so I hope this is an easy issue to resolve.

Here is all I did:

  1. $ ionic start checkBug tabs
  2. $ cd checkBug
  3. $ ionic platform android
  4. connect android device with debugger mode enabled
  5. $ ionic run android

Here is the problem:
From time to time a click/tap on an a- or button-element does not trigger the router to navigate to the corresponding page. The button does show the down state but nothing else happens.

This bug happens very irregularly. Sometimes the navigation works for a while without any interruptions, other times you have to tap several times on the navigation-element before re-routing occurs. When it happens it is almost always on my Android device (Kitkat 4.4) but sometimes happens the browser (Chrome).

Tabs Template - The tabs themselves work without any problem. It’s the friends-list that is sometimes unresponsive.
Sidemenu Template - All clickable navigation items.

Is Kitkat not supported or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

ps: testing on a nexus 7

I opened an issue on the github repo on which I got a very quick reply which solved my problems.

Adambradly suggested to download the nightly build version of the Ionic framework. I did it rebuild my app and it ran without any problems on my nexus 7.