Tab-item font-size not changing


I’m having trouble changing the font-size of the text within tabs. My tabs are within a card which is similar to the card showcase in [this link][1]. Below is my CSS for customizing the tab-items: {
    background: teal;
    color: white;
    font-size: 120%;

I can see the background and color changing fine but any value I place in font-size doesn’t make a difference. Is there some other place I should be adjusting the font-size ?

Also, adding style="font-size:120%" directly in the HTML somehow works but when I add the above in my CSS file, only the background and colors are changing.


Have you looked at Ioinic SASS. Its cool and fun to work with. :smile:
Have a look on this

basically we need to change the _variable.scss and other supporting variables in other files to fulfill our needs.