Switching tabs only fires lifecycle hooks the first time. Why?

I have never had this issue before. When I switch tabs the lifecycle hooks only fire the first time. On app load tab1s ionViewWillLoad() is fired, and if I switch to tab2 its ionViewWillLoad() fires just fine, but if I switch back to tab1 none of the lifecycle hooks are fired, and the same thing happens if I switch to tab2 again.

If I switch to component1 from tab1, component1’s lifecycle hooks are always fired no matter how many times I load component1. However if I hit the back button to go back to tab1 from component1, tab1’s lifecycle hooks are not fired.

My tabs are lazy loaded, including all of my other components, is this the issue? If not, what is causing this? I want the page content to be refreshed on every page change, including when changing tabs.

Edit: I just tried removing IonicPage from my tabsPage and adding TabsPage to app.module's import and entryComponents and it still has the same issue