Life cycle is not working

The life cycle is not working for my, i use previously and on i4 just trigger the first time and not when the is reloaded or back to the parent page… any suggest?

Why do you care? What are you doing in response to lifecycle events?

thanks, in my project, on the second page I modify data, and return to the first page and then perform some actions with that data, and use “ionViewWillEnter ()” or “ionViewDidLoad ()” parts of "the cycle of life "… and it doesn’t work just once the first time you enter that page

In that case, may I suggest this strategy that is designed to support that workflow without lifecycle events?

How you pass data from second page to first page?

in case of modals… @output
in case of pages i save data and retrieve from first page with ionwiwedidenter()… but doen´t work

then ionic framework has major issue that ionViewWillEnter event not fire when page about to enter on screen
but i don’t think it is issue because it working fine and called every-time ( i tested it in my project )
BTW Have you found any console error or something else which is weird , may be your service which transfer data have some bugs ?