Swiping Cards

In the current ionic 2 documentation it says the following about cards:

"Cards are usually
placed on top of one another, but they can also be used like a “page"
and swiped between, left and right”

Is it documented anywhere how one can do swiping cards rather than having them stack vertically?

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I need to know too. It’s not in the API docs either. @mhartington can you point us in the direction of the API docs for this component?

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Same here, I thought that stacking them would be a configuration after reading this. But I think it’s not supported yet.

I’ll add that the documentation also say

They allow for more control, are flexible, and can even be animated.

But nothing explain how.
For the exemple i’ve wanted to have an infinite scroll page with new card added as we scroll, and animate the new card entering, and i don’t even know how to do it.

Any news on that? As of 25 July, beta 10, docs still read that, but do not show how to do it.