Does a Card Stack Navigator exist?

excuse me if my question seems to simple, but I am still new to the whole Ionic game :slight_smile:

In my application, I’d like to use a bunch Cards instead of pages.
Is there already some kind of controller, that can take care of the pushing / popping of the cards I need to show? I’d also like to use some animation with it.


So if I understand correctly you want to display multiple cards in a single page.

Sounds like you 're looking for Ionic’s InfiniteScroll component. In case you 're going to be having a lot of scrolling in the same page and thus a lot of memory requirement, there’s the VirtualScroll component available.

In either way, Ionic handles all the heavy-lifting logic for you. All you have to do is to plug your data to the component as is shown in the examples for each case.

Animation would be handled via standard css. My personal design advice, avoid any unnecessary animations unless they assist in conveying UX language.


Ah. Well, not exactly.
I am basically talking about a stack of cards - basically the methaphor of playing cards.
Or think about a calendar leaf ripping of.
The “tinder” stack is a bit like it, but just without all the “swiping”

See if this tutorial for tinder cards, can give you any directions.