Swiper styles aren't present when project is built

Hello guys,

Recently I switched to Swiper.js as ion-slides is going to be deprecated. Swiper works great but I ran into one issue.

I have slider component in which I have imported zoom and navigation module as well as css as following :

import 'swiper/swiper.min.css';
import 'swiper/components/zoom/zoom.min.css';
import 'swiper/components/navigation/navigation.min.css';

import SwiperCore, {
  Zoom, Navigation,
}                                                     from 'swiper';

SwiperCore.use([Zoom, Navigation]);

On local everything is fine and style are being applied but when run : ionic run android on my phone style for zoom and navigation are gone like they are not even present in project.

I “fixed” this when I copied css from these styles into my global style.css. But I was wondering if anybody had same issue or why this is happening? Thanks!

Anybody had similar problem?

Haven’t tested it on the emulator yet, but I did start a project in ionic v6. but now i guess I need to test it on an emulator too