SVN problem : when committing it shows deleted files

I’ve installed cordova-plugin-telerik-imagepicker cordova plugin in my ionic project using the npm install. Then I removed it with npm uninstall.
My next step was to commit my project to the SVN server to save the changes.
But when committing, the files of the plugin still show and the IDE asks me to commit them to the SVN server. Even if they don’t exist physically.

I’m using the WebStorm IDE of Jetbrains.

Have you refreshed your change list manually (“Mouse right click on the change list > refresh”)?

… maybe the IDE didn’t noticed the changes on the file system

Yes I did refresh it
and I also Synchronized the project
and cleaned up the IDE cache and the SVN one too.
But the problem is still there, and the deleted files still show in the commit change window.

I didn’t use svn in years so I won’t be able to help that much but here a couple of idea

  1. In the commit popup could you uncheck these files (temporary workaround?)

  2. Put the file in project “physically” again to commit them to deleted them again?

  3. I would write/contact the webstorm support. There is reason why their tool is not free, they provide a nice support (i was always please by their answers and answer time)