I would like to use SVN with my Ionic project. What are files to be ignored in the SVN ?

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I think you can ignored “platforms\android\ant-build” because its contains build code and compiled .apk file.



At least



I think you should add /platforms/ because its also contains platforms specific content , like “platforms\android\res” res contains splash screen images. And it should add into source control.

And what will happen when two guys working on same project and “plugins” not in source control.

Project will not work property on device because, cordova can’t get used plugins.


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I see the .gitignore file, and this is the directory we should ignore :

  • platforms
  • plugins
  • node_modules


The list of plugins is in config.xml, so other developers just need to know how to add platforms


What about splash screen images ? which inside “platforms\android\res” res folder ?