Surprising disaster of not having a 'pause' button

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying out Ionic’s NativeAudio plugin…
and I found out this plug in doesn’t ship with ‘pause’ feature while it has stop, play as well as volume control.

Media plugin has pause feature… .but it can’t load music file into a variable (unique id).
This is very disastrous mistake from Ionic developers? I don’t know… what do you guys think?
Is there a way to use preloadComplex on media plugin and load music files into a unique id on loading page?
Otherwise, only very basic music app can be made on Ionic given that you’ll not use HTML5 audio due to incompatibility with some mobile devices.

To me, it looks like Native Audio plugin was made by guys who didn’t study audio properly… 97% of features from HTML5 audio weren’t applied.

You should work on your attitude and tone. You are using open source software other people invested time and effort in. If you can do it better, just create a PR for the libraries you are talking about but don’t come here with entitlement.

You also posted in the wrong category (which I fixed) and used a dramatized topic title.

I suggest you create a new topic with a proper title and limit your text to a description of the problem. I won’t answer here.


You’re right Mod.
Thank for guys who created Ionic.
However, I still think having ‘pause’ button and ‘skip’ button in a music player is a basic decency and common sense since MP3 player was built in early 2000’s.
You can’t imagine any music player which ships without these two buttons.
I can’t think of any individual who can claim they should build a music player without these two buttons.

Feel free to create PRs on the Cordova plugin and Ionic Native wrappers for these plugins if you think any functionality is missing. Both are community maintained (so by people like you and me) and not even created by Ionic.

I had no idea that was the case. I honestly thought Ionic-Native was developed by Ionic. To a degree at least. This is good to know.

Though, I actually visit the repos of the native plugins I use, so common sense should have made that clear to me. In hindsight. Hmm.

To a degree some Ionic devs also contribute. You can see the stats here:

The actual Cordova plugins are developed by random people and companies on the internet.

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Very cool. I did not know rapropos was a dev. Explains his wealth of knowledge. Hope to see him posting again soon.

Yeah… I’m frustrated. I spent a lot of time on learning Ionic and Ionic UI design only to find it’s actually very limited, especially the audio plugin is totally incomplete. Even very basic concept of audio functionality is missing.
I can build apps on Ionic but honestly I think media-related native plug in support is horrible.
I’m switching to React Native as it has native audio player which has pause, play, stop, and more.

Thankfully, React Native has similar structure to that of Ionic… import { } from …, export classes are all 90% same!