Seek to for native audio?


I see Ionic’s media plugin can start from a certain section of media file by using seekTo function.
Is there any way to use this with native audio plugin? Native audio plugin doesn’t seem to have this function while it’s clear native audio playback is superior than other audio playback.

Is it better to use media plugin over native audio plugin? can I preload audio files with media plug in?

Thank you

Look at the Cordova plugins these Ionic Native wrappers use in the background. Sometimes they have functionality that is not yet implemented in the wrapper.

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Yes, but is it possible to use Cordova plugins which are not on Ionic plugin list?
Apparently there are more useful plugins for Apache Cordova / Phonegap than Ionic.
If there’s a way to use normal cordova plugin on Ionic, let me know please.

Of course. You can either create an Ionic Native wrapper for them, or just declare the global object the plugin “clobbers”. But please create a new topic of you have a specific plugin in mind.

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Thanks. How can I create Native wrapper for normal cordova plugin then?
There are 10 times+ more plugins available for Apache Cordova / Phonegap. I’m not a good programmer so I’m a blind man without help from these plugins.