Supported Plugins for the *new* Ionic View app

I recently (last week) updated my app to the new Ionic Pro platform. I downloaded the new Ionic View app from the iOS app store and attempted to run my application. The app loads but, when I go to use the BLE plugin, I get a (expected) popup saying that my Bluetooth is turned off in the settings (even though it is not). I assume this is an issue with this plugin not being supported by the new Ionic View, and if that is the case that is very disappointing. I have looked for a definitive list of plugins supported similar to the list that was made for the former version of Ionic View and couldn’t find one. Anybody have any clues as to what plugins are, and what plugins aren’t supported?

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I am not aware of any documentation of the new Ionic View supported list of plugins.
Actually this is all I am aware of:

So probably best ask support: (and keep us updated)

I contacted the support desk and was given a tentative list of the supported plugins. Unfortunately I was asked not to share it as it is “tentative” and if it were to be posted in the forum it would be here forever. So, he said something official would be out “soon”.

If anyone wants to see the list of ‘tentatively supported’ plugins, send me a private message and I will send you what was sent to me.