Issues with Native Plugins & Ionic Pro

Hello all,

I am new to the Ionic platform - been and Android developer for years. I am building an application for a friend now and we are planning to incorporate functionality that requires native plugins, for instance: media streaming.

When I run the project in the browser (ionic serve), the operations obviously won’t work and I see output to the console about how the operation requires a device or emulator to run on. I can build to my phone (ionic cordova run android) with my device connected and when I try the functionality with the native plugins, the app works. This is great! Awesome! Now I have some questions…

  1. I am using Ionic Pro to push my application to my friend so he can see the progress as I make it. However, the native plugins seem to not work when viewing the app through Ionic View. Is this supposed to be the case or did I push the source code to Ionic Pro incorrectly?

  2. In the event that Ionic Pro/View does not support native plugins, how can I deploy my app for an alpha or beta test group?

Thank you in advance for any comments/solutions. Looking forward to continuing development with Ionic!

ionic pro view only supports a limited set of plugins… same problem for my app.