Support Level for Blacberry

Hi there,

I’m about to start to develop a hybrid application for the Blackberry platform and I am considering using Ionic as the main framework. However, I have come across some posts on the internet to which you can see the links and they made me concerned. There seems to be a problem regarding click events.

I was wondering if those issues are identified by the Ionic team and if there is any plan to resolve them soon. On a general level, I’d like to understand if I should Ionic for this task or not. If not, what alternatives would you suggest?

Thank you!

Well Blackberry 10 is based off of webkit so we indirectly support it. But we haven’t done much testing and fine tuning for blackberry.

We recently got a dev device from BlackBerry, so we are going to be slowly improving our support for it. Nothing solidified just yet though!

This is such great news Max, thank you very much for letting me know. My application is really a simple one so the current support level shouldn’t be a big problem but I really need to know if there is any problem with click events. Because the last thing I would want is my users feeling it’s a sluggish application. Is there any way for you to test this quickly on your new device for me? (Funny enough, I don’t have a BlackBerry but I’m developing for BlackBerry)