Blank Screen on Blackberry 10

I deployed the ionic conference app on my bb z10 and am getting this error.
TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating ‘new exports.Map()’)
Anyone else getting this??
Actually this started after i upgraded to ionc v2.23.

Hey there, just a heads up! We don’t support blackberry10, since it’s an older OS and probably doesn’t support the newer syntax needed to run ionic 2

I firstly tried with a BB10 and it is working just fine.

Are you using WebWorks 2.2.x?

I did not try the latest conference code though, but I know it was working when they first released it.

I once installed an app on my z10 from beta2.17 and it worked fine but th moment I upgraded to 2.23, it started giving off d blank screen. Is there a way I can go back to d 2.17?? Thanks

which version of software are you talking about? Webworks or Ionic?

My version of Webworks is

My version of Ionic is 2.0.0-beta.3

Talking about ionic.
I used to test it on BlackBerry z10 before updating the cordova and it’s very nice both gui and other function like pull to refresh et all. But immediately I updated the ionic framework, I started having white screens. And I discovered it’s d same in Android coz I tried it with blue stacks and what I got was a blank screen android app.

Since beta 5, I have blank screen with my BB10, but maybe it is because I integrated some cordova plug-in that the BB10 does not know of.

Though, my Android phone can handle everything. Are you able, with Chrome, to inspect the phone to see if you have some errors?

Yes I did. But I think its best if I update my ionic, create an hello world app and see what happens!! Thanks a lot for your swift response.

Hi @LordRahl001,

Have you tried Ionic View with BB10? If so, have succeeded to make it work?

It was working in alpha, but was veeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow. Now, since the beta, I only have white screen

And, do you use Webwork to push the app to the device? This is what I use

Just commenting on this, we’re not supporting Blackberry with Ionic 2, at all.

Ionic 2 supports iOS, Android, and Window Universal apps.

just asking sir. in case blackberry release their next update, do you think we can use it with ionic?? i really need to be able to deploy to blackberry 10 devices as its the predominant mobile os in this part of the world right after android.

As of now, Blackberry is less than 1%, roughly 0.2% of the global market.
We will not be support blackberry OS at all.