Support for iPhone 7 / Plus iOS simulator

I tried to run an Ionic 2 app in iOS simulator by using the following commands:

ionic run ios -lcs --target="iPhone-7"


ionic run ios -lcs --target="iPhone-7-Plus"

but I receive this error:

Error: iPhone-7 is not a valid target for emulator

Is not supported iPhone 7 / Plus? Thanks.

You might have an older version of cordova-ios for your project.

I just install the latest cordova-ios@4.3.1 and was able to run

ionic run ios --target="iPhone-7"

ionic run ios --target="iPhone-7"

With out any issues.
You might just need to update your version of cordova-ios

ionic platorm rm ios
ionic platform add ios@latest --save

Thank you. :slight_smile:

With the version 4.3.1 the app is running correctly in iPhone 7 simulator.